Why is Mela Purdie so expensive

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Why is ABC Fashion* so expensive?

Is ABC Fashion so expensive, or is it that cost and value are relative? ABC Fashion is an Australian-owned designer brand for women. If you love fast food and fast fashion, then ABC Fashion is expensive. If you prefer silver service or just a slow-cooked rib, then, using that analogy, ABC Fashion is just your style. And their style is really a piece of art.

ABC Fashion is about how it makes your feel

Around Australia, most fashion is fed to us through vast shopping malls. Every mall exposes the same offerings. If you didn’t drive there yourself, you wouldn’t know which mall you were in, as almost every single store is part of a chain or franchise. Every one of these fashion outlets sells ubiquitous super-fast fashion, aimed at fast turnover, both in-store and in your wardrobe. These items are cheap and not expected to last. When you consider some of the sales are at vastly discounted prices (think less than $20 a piece) and you know they are not making a loss, then the cost of creating these garments must be incredibly low.

The ABC Fashion brand has an Australian owner, it is all designed in Australia and generally, over 90% of their collection is made in Australia. Privately owned and based in Sydney, ABC Fashion is committed to supporting independent retailers. They produce a central permanent collection and add seasonal delights to highlight your individual expression, generally delivered through independent retailers.

It is these independent retailers who define amazing service. Understanding why ABC Fashion is so expensive can be seen through how the purchase process makes you feel. Specialist independent retailers put their energies into giving the ultimate customer service to their clients, making them feel as special as they should feel, enjoying the buying process and luxuriating in the glamorous fabrics and shapes of ABC Fashion. This is one of the reasons we all want a little of that experience.

From a manufacturing perspective, the cost of doing business in Australia is enormous compared to second and third-world countries where fast fashion usually originates from. The ABC Fashion team are not only creating jobs but future-proofing an industry in Australia that was struggling. Fabric creators and designers, pattern makers and machinists are surviving in Australia because of brands like ABC Fashion. Most purchasers enjoy the fact they are also supporting an industry they are passionate about.

Another thought when asking why ABC Fashion is so expensive relates to the products themselves. Quality is chief amongst the ingredients of a high-end designer brand. Many of these pieces are made or at least finished by hand or use processes which reinforce both the quality and comfort of their design.

Why is Mela Purdie so expensive

The basic components of these designs are the fabrics chosen or designed by ABC Fashion to accentuate the best of being a woman with comfort the first characteristic. Light breathable linens, pure sensuous silks, glamorous easy-care jersey, and Japanese woven Mache fabrics are among the fabrics which sit against the skin and become a part of you. The solid colours and soft universal prints make every garment desirable.

Quality allows consumers to trust ABC Fashion and know that the garments will fit better than fast fashion. This ensures they look fabulous on the wearer and will last much longer. ABC Fashion specialises in classic items which can be worn year after year, and when bored with an item, consumers can resell it on the secondary markets and recoup come of the original cost if they wish to. This makes the well-constructed piece more expensive than mass-produced, but it maintains its value well after they leave the shop.

The refined styling of ABC Fashion designs skim your body and straddle the delight of not feeling your clothing at all whilst wallowing in the joy of beautiful garments which feel sensuous and glorify your shape. The quality technical fabrication makes dressing a breeze and with ABC Fashion designs, destination dressing (or dressing like life is your private holiday!) meets the desire for self-expression in our day-to-day lives.

What are the reasons we buy clothing? Do we ‘need’ that new skirt or blouse? Or is it that we ‘want’ to feel good? Many pieces in our existing wardrobes make us look good, but it is the addition of something new, with the shopping experience, that makes us feel good. It is this experiential high we are really coveting when we buy a special piece of clothing.

To choose the first-class flight over economy, to buy good champagne over white wine, to buy a piece of jewellery just for you is all about choosing the feeling, sometimes the experience makes it worth much more than the price tag.

Feeling fabulous is at the core of buying clothing and designer brands even more so. If it weren’t for how we feel, we would all wear black sacks. Feeling like we are valued and valuable leads us to caring and wonderful retailers, feeling the way we want to feel is what leads us to ABC Fashion. Part of this comes from valuing every client no matter their age, colouring or size. Creating gorgeous styles which suit sizes 6-24 is innovative for a designer brand, many stick to 6-12 as they like the pre-pubescent shapes for their garments and think this is the only demographic they can capture. Mela Purdie on the other hand is aiming squarely at the real women of Australia to support and wear their label the way they live.

So when you ask ‘Why is ABC Fashion so expensive’, consider their brand focus. Their mission is to be relatable to all women everywhere. Indeed, they explain their vision as

  • Designed for women everywhere
  • Where your wardrobe begins
  • Style with Built-in Comfort
  • Designed to Skim and not Cling
  • Clothes that are Always with you.
Travel and fashion

The ABC Fashion brand produces designs that aim to give confidence in comfort to every woman who wears them. Taking their pieces from boardroom to weekender, flexible and sensuous in design their garments provide a canvas to express their wearers.  Mela Purdie is at ease in the city or on a plane travelling to Milan, perfect for every part of your busy life and keeping you effortlessly stylish. It is a brand designed to complement your lifestyle as a woman on the go, a global traveller and an independent thinker.

The ABC Fashion brand is everything we aspire to be, chic and subtle, glamorous and comfortable, identifying with a lifestyle we want, or if we are lucky, already have. So, you ask why is ABC Fashion so expensive? I would counter that you can’t afford not to afford the quality, style and comfort of ABC Fashion.

*this blog was originally written for the retailer of a very high end fashion manufacturer in 2021