Basic Marketing Ideas- Your First Marketing Plan

Basic Marketing Ideas
A new marketing idea for your product or service can start with the basics. A good place to start is with some market research. Work on the premise of
  • know your product
  • know your audience and, and
  • know what is in it for your potential market
Having this information will give you the framework to make decisions on how to communicate your message to your market.
The first step in creating your list of marketing ideas is to work out what is your unique selling proposition. Why are you different or better, what does your product do differently than what is already in the market.
Once you know what you can offer your audience that will set you apart from the crowd, you can determine what would be the demographics and psychographics of the target market you believe your product or service will most appeal to. To gather your information,  you may wish to speak to your existing clients, survey other market areas or maybe look at the searches people do when they come to your web site to help work out some of these dimensions.
Finally, prepare a plan to reach the target group in a way that will give then the sizzle, not the sausage.  Give them the benefits they will enjoy in their life by using your product or service. It is worthwhile in the beginning to create a list or table comparing features and benefits, for example:
Preparing to Market the Model T Ford:
Feature: Comes only in black
Benefit: don’t have to worry about matching it to your outfits- black goes with everything
Feature: Goes faster than a horse
Benefit: You can leave home even later- you can sleep in longer, go out later the night before and drink more
Feature: It has four seats
Benefit: You can take your girlfriend and two extras in case you have a fight
Feature: It is run by an internal combustion engine
Benefit: No need to feed it hay, don’t need to rub it down at night and can come home as drunk as you like.
Feature: It is noisy
Benefit: Your friends can hear you arriving at the party and the butler can have the door open when you come hom
In essence, if you know what your product’s real benefits are and how that relates to your unique selling proposition, then determine what group of people this will appeal to most, you can create a communication plan to give them all the benefits to help them to make the decision to buy your product.