The stick and the carrot- an urban marketing tale of carbon

Have you asked yourself why are we need carbon tax? Whilst I know that this web site and my business are aimed at marketing, I felt it important to talk about the current discussion going on in Australia regarding this carbon tax. Firstly, why do we market our product or service? So that others will […]

Queensland flood response needs small business action

There have been many tragic and just plain sad stories that have come out over the last week, but mostly, I feel there have been volumes of uplifting and joyous stories of help, compassion and examples of the true meaning of community. As business owners we are going to be responsible for helping to regrow […]

Basic Marketing Ideas- Your First Marketing Plan

Basic Marketing Ideas A new marketing idea for your product or service can start with the basics. A good place to start is with some market research. Work on the premise of know your product know your audience and, and know what is in it for your potential market Having this information will give you […]